28 February to 02 March 2023

from 1 pm to 9 pm at São Paulo Expo – SP


All other categories are kindly request to send their request by mail to:

Please do not miss this special occasion and event,
unfortunately there is limited space available and just we have to apply one rule “first come, first served!”
Our group is very thankful for your support and wish to welcome and spend great time with all of you.
Let’s have the event together.

Don’t miss this special occasion, unfortunately there is limited space available.
We just have to apply one rule: “first come, first served”.
Our group is very thankful for your support and wish to welcome and spend great time with all of you. let’s have the event together.



    Have you ever exhibited at an international fair?
    Have you ever tried as a co-exhibitor, with over 100 worldwide agents?
    Why to exhibit at the #1 International Logistics & Trading Event?
    How much it costs you? Just U$ 5,500.00/company

    Read all carefully and make the best decision …


    • Individual desk full equipped with TV monitor to show your own.
    • Online scheduler and APP which will allow guests/visitors to pre-schedule meetings before the event will start with result of “no wasting time” going around to find other companies to deal with.
    • The APP will “live” reminds next meeting set and will alert constantly.
    • An automatic setup can allocate meetings with all available registered people.
    • The APP will collect all the information and business card and will send automatically to your smartphone, of all casual and random guests.
    • 8 months of dedicated promotion NO STOP through social media & mailing.
    • Promotion through on our website in the dedicated event page with all company details.
    • An hospitality area dedicated for casual/random additional meetings.
    • Full day bar/catering for resident and guests.
    • Business cardholders dislocate all around the booth for your cards giveaway.
    • A group of experienced and well-trained receptionists to help guests for on-site registrations and fast indications.
    • A local personal assistant, bilingual, to assist you at the booth and to recruit “customers & visitors” to your desk.
    • Transportation from Hotel/Exhibition and vice versa.
    • Special hotel price negotiate with affordable rates.
    • An exclusive GALA DINNER in the most VIP roof- restaurant of Sao Paulo with participation of special guests, such as airlines and shipping companies representatives.
    • 2 after event parties with all guests for additional interactions & connections.
    • 2 customized POLO shirt, with exclusive design with your company logo to wear during 2 days of exhibition.
    • 1 t-shirt with exclusive design to wear during the first day party.
    • Internet access.
    • Photo/video service.
    • An unique TRADING/MARKETPLACE program which will involve all participants which will extremely increase connections and business.


    • MAKE YOUR TIME MORE PROFITABLE, instead of wasting time, in very long and random meetings, better to have a full schedule meeting pre-planned.
    • SAVE YOUR MONEY by sharing costs with other co-exhibitors, it will be very affordable.
    • MAKE YOUR SHOW & PROMOTE YOUR COMPANY among thousands of attendees by investing and sharing low budget.
    • GRAB MORE IDEAS from others how to develop the business in your country.
    • COOPERATE in sharing and prepare with other participants, promotions and activities, before/during/after the show.
    • MAKE YOUR VISIT MORE ENJOYABLE: stay 3 days with all people that are looking for more connections and opportunities, just like you.
    • MAKE YOUR EXPERIENCE UNIQUE: empower your business, meet your contacts, we move on together.
    • MAKE YOUR PRESENCE MORE INDELEBILE: more people, more possibilities, be part of our group.
    • ENJOY FULL DAY: we will have “after event” parties, every night we will have some fun.

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